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Today we have a sunny day here in The Netherlands. It makes me feel happy! After few weeks without seen the sun and feeling the cold, now with the sun, I can feel I’m most active and full of energy. I’m thinking that soon I will go to Spain, to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.


Now I’m sitting at the sun under a tree and I close my eyes… I transport myself to a beach from Spain, in Calpe. Yes, I think we will go to Calpe at Costa Blanca this year again. Calpe is a little village in Alicante, were you can enjoy the sun, at the sea and at the mountains. Every time we come back to Valencia, we go at least one day to Calpe. It is something that we really enjoy and make us feel great!

Calpe landscape is more than beautiful!

Last time we were there, we went on a trip in a boat, where you can see through the glass walls all the fish and life under the sea. So nice and relaxing.

Visit Calpe

Another thing that we love to do there, and you shouldn’t miss if you go to Calpe, is the Natural Park El Peñón d’Ifach (Rock Peñon d’ifach). There are excellent views at the top. To go up there, you will need walking boots or shoes to do it, but it’s well worth the climb. The walk is quite pleasant. From there you can see the excellent views on Calpe and the mountains in the background. Bird watchers will enjoy the birds nesting and swirling all around the rock. there are more than 60 species!

Discover Calpe in Spain

There is a tunnel excavated in the rock that you need to pass on your way. You must be sure to take extra care on the walk down, as the path can be quite slippery. The views are splendid! After visiting El Peñón d’Ifach, you can go to one of the many restaurants to eat fish. They have great restaurants all around with really good and fresh fish. And then after eating, what could be better than going to the sandy beaches and enjoy the sun, good weather and the nice and warm water? or you can even take a “siesta” there. Be careful if you go in summer because it can be really warm. We always try to go in May, then it is a perfect place to be.

Counting the days to be there!!

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