Paella from Spain

Paella! That great dish…oh, how I miss the Sunday’s Paella back in Spain. In Valencia, the city I’m from, it is a tradition to meet with your family and/or group of friends to have a lunch together and eat a dish of rice, have a few drinks, to laugh and spend the day together enjoying it.

Paella is the most famous dish from Spain worldwide. When we talk about traditional Spanish food, this is a dish that must be on the list. Everyone knows it, that great and tasty dish.

Most of the tourists want to try the Paella when they visit Spain, it is something that you can’t miss when you go to Spain! Even living here in The Netherlands, when people know you are from Spain, always comes the same question: Do you know how to cook a paella? or When will you cook spanish rice for us? Can you teach me how to cook it?

Paella from Spain

Everyone wants to eat a the original spanish rice but only few people know where it comes from.

It all starts in Valencia rural areas in Spain (and the Valencians are really proud of it!), back in the XV century when people were working the fields and they needed to make an easy dish with the things they had there: Rabbit, birds, fresh vegetables, rice, saffron, snails, olive oil… They were cooking it slow, making fire with orange branches, what gives it a very characteristic touch and a great smell.

Now everything is different, and you can taste different kinds of dishes of rice from Spain, with sea food, fish, other vegetables or even mixing meat and fish together but the typical Valencian’s Paella, continue maintaining its essence cooking it almost the same way and using the same ingredients.

Spanish Rice

When we know we are going to eat spanish rice, a smile appears in our face because that not only a great dish from Spain, it is also all the things that come together with the spanish dish of rice… our friends, family and the great time together.

One secret for a Paella lover from Spain… Next time you eat it, don’t forget to eat the “Socarrat”, that’s the best! Spanish rice without socarrat is not the same.

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