Jamon Serrano from Spain

Jamon Serrano from spain. Serrano ham is one of the most known and tipical product from Spain.

Jamon Serrano is not a cold meat, since it is not based on cooked or roasted meat, nor is it a sausage, because the meat does not go in any type of casing, although in a popular way it is usually included within the cold meats or sausages. Also within some areas it is included in the concept “chacina”, that is, products made from pork.

Jamon serrano

Spanish serrano ham is an exquisite product, and although there is something similar in Italian gastronomy with prosciuto, it has nothing to do with flavor and aroma, since prosciuto is usually smoked, and Spanish jamon serrano is only dried.

Why is it called serrano? Because for its elaboration, it used to dry in the high zones of the mountain, where the temperatures were lower and favored its drying.

In Spain it is a product so appreciated and exquisite that we can even find people who are generally vegetarian, but who make a single exception and eat ham from time to time.

Spanish Ham

Jamon Serrano, are the legs of dried and salted pigs. In reality, only the hind legs of the pig are ham, calling the deltaneras legs “paletillas”, the shoulder blades being cheaper than the ham, although they are also delicious.

The variant of each ham will be determined by the pig’s breed. If the pig is white, or Iberian, only the ham obtained from the Iberian breed will be called “Iberian ham”.

Within the Iberian breed, if the pig has been fed only with acorns, it will be more expensive and exquisite “Iberian ham”. On the contrary if it has been fed with a mixture of acorns and cereals, it will be “ham de recebo”. When the pig has been fed exclusively with cereals, it will be called “bacon ham”.
Of course we can find ham in Spain in bars, cafes, restaurants, and in Spanish homes.

Served as a tapa, in an exquisite sandwich (with or without tomato with which it makes an excellent combination as with cheese), as a dish in a ham dish to share or not, and even adding ham bones to Spanish stews , and also very consumed in the Spanish dinners, we can find it in several ways in its consumption.

There are many famous areas in Spain for the quality in the preparation of a good ham.

In Castilla y León, the jamon of Salamanca is exceptional, being well known Guijuelo ham.

In Extremadura, where ham de la Dehesa has its origin denormination.
The ham from Teruel, the ham from Huelva (where the most famous is Jabugo) … in reality they are all really delicious and it is a gift to the palate to present yourself from time to time with a good ham

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