Porron from Spain: Spanish drinking vessel

Porron from Spain spanish

I remember when I was a kid. Summer at the swimming pool, playing with my friends and outside my parent and their friends, watching us play and enjoying their time…eating some almonds, altramuces, olives and drinking “tinto de verano” and “clarita” from the porron.


I liked it so much! When I think about the porron, I think about holidays, good times with friends and family. I always wanted to drink from this special vessel, and one day my mother bought me a small one. I was so happy! I always filled the spanish vessel with “La Casera” and I was so happy drinking it. I was feeling so grown up having my own porron!

Porron from Spain: how to drink

There are porrones made of glass and ceramic, and mine was ceramic. I still have it and I brought it with me to The Netherlands. Now sometimes my daughters use it and it is so fun to see them enjoy it.

How to use the spanish Porron

It is so fun when you learn how to use it. When you are learning how to drink, you must remember that you don’t have to touch the spout with your lips. Hold the porron in front of you at or a little below the chest. Hold the neck with one hand, elbow bent. Make sure that the spout is facing you! When you have never used a porron before, it is better to learn how to drink using water… otherwise you can ruin your clothes with the wine! Red wine stains are sometimes difficult to remove.

There is an old saying about this spanish vessel that say: if you break the porron drinking wine, you will have really good luck. But it can’t be done on purpose, otherwise you will have bad luck all your life.

Porron as siesta, botijo and paella are icons from Spain.

It looks like less people are using it nowadays but in Valencia, Cataluña and Aragón, people still use it… maybe I can bring the tradition to The Netherlands?

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