Morcilla from Spain: Spanish black pudding

Morcilla spain spanish black pudding

Morcilla is the most famous black pudding in the world. You can discover de authentic spanish black pudding and learn all about this incredible product from Spain.

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It is not really known what the true origin of Morcilla (sausage black pudding) is.

What is known is that it is a sausage based on coagulated and cooked blood that is present in many European countries such as Germany and Austria where it is mainly known as blood sausage, literally translated.

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Although according to the country is known by different names, in Spain it is always called morcilla.
The blood sausage has a very intense and characteristic flavor, which usually leads to whoever likes the black pudding usually likes it a lot and who does not like it does not like anything at all.

For its intense flavor, it is widely used in Spain to provide flavor and aroma to vegetable stews. It is also tasted as a tapa accompanied by bread, and how not a good plate of fried eggs accompanied by pieces of fried black pudding, is something very Spanish.

what is morcilla?

Generally in the preparation of morcilla is carried out with pork slaughter products, although depending on where it is made it is possible that there are variants of sausage made from meat of other animals such as cow.
But the typical Spanish blood sausage, the usual one, is made of pork. In its preparation, other elements are added such as onion, rice, breadcrumbs, etc., always depending on which province of Spain is made. For example, morcilla de burgos, one of the most famous for not really saying that it is the most famous of the Spanish black puddings, is made with rice, being the white gut sausage, one of the finest and exquisite blood sausages that can be taste of Spanish cuisine. On the other hand, in the area of ​​the east, the blood sausage is not added rice, but onion is added, its appearance is different, smaller are generally thinner and its flavor is sweeter by the contribution of onion as ingredient.

Morcilla From Spain

It is possible to find Spanish puddings in which you can also add pumpkin or nuts such as pine nuts, so if you are allergic to any product it is desirable that whoever wants to try them ask before if that blood sausage is possible that it takes in its preparation product that is allergic, because as we said before there is no single recipe for making black pudding, but its preparation and flavor will depend a lot on the place in Spain where it was made.

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Spanish black pudding

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