Mistela from Spain: The sweet wine of Valencia

mistela from spain sweet wine spanish valencia

The summer is getting close and there is a nice drink that comes to my mind… Mistela. This is a sweet wine from Spain (It is used more as a liqueur than as a wine). It is more consumed in Valencia, Tarragona and La Mancha.


It is typical to drink it very cold and after eating, at “la sobremesa” time.

It is really nice when you had a big meal with a group of people, to finish with a coffee or cortado and a cold and tasty Mistela.

It is not only tasty, it is also healthy as it contains Vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium. The perfect excuse to enjoy a “chupito” of Mistela!

Mistela from Spain

I can’t find Mistela easily in The Netherlands, but I have always a sweet wine bottle at my fridge and I use it only for special moments… when there is a time to celebrate.

For me It is curious how difficult it is to find Mistela here, because all the Dutch people that has tried it, love the taste!

This spanish sweet wine is a very old drink and for many years people was not drinking it. It was only used for old people. But few years ago, young people start drinking it and now again you can find it everywhere you go. I’m not surprise because it is a really nice, good and tasty drink!

Spanish sweet wine

If you are from Spain and you are visiting someone in The Netherlands (or somewhere else), you can always bring a bottle of spanish sweet wine for them as a present. They will love it and will enjoy the time when they drink a glass with you! It is great because it is something typical but not what they expect to receive…will be as a surprise for them and…who doesn’t like to receive a surprise?

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