Lentejas from Spain: The spanish lentils

lentejas spain lentils spanish

In all Spanish households, lentejas (lentils) are usually eaten at least one day a week. And it is that when it’s cold, how good is a good dish of lentils? Lentils in Spain can be made with vegetables or with chorizo ​​or with tail and ears. My mother when she was little was watching the plate of lentils because I did not see the lentils the tail or ears … childish innocence.

Do you want buy legumes from Spain?

When we were little and we were in Spain they made us eat lentils because it was said that they contributed a lot of iron. In fact we do not know for sure if the lentils prepared in Spain by our mothers and / or grandmothers really contributed so much to us as Popeye’s famous spinach, which in the end turned out not to and it was just a campaign to consume them … The case was that you had to eat them at least once a week in every Spanish house. And well thought lentils is a dish that when you’re at home can even bore but…  how we miss them since we’re in Netherlands!

Lentejas from Spain

In Netherlands we have tried to cook lentils some time, but of course .. we lack ingredients as indispensable as the right type of lentils, like pardine lentils, typical of Spain, the chorizo ​​that gives it that Spanish flavor and so typical of grandmother stew Spanish, and even spices such as sweet paprika or spicy Spanish paprika, that has nothing to do with the paprika that is usually found in Dutch shops or very rarely in any Spanish and/or Dutch gourmet store.

Spanish lentils

With the cold temperatures that we have to face in the Netherlands, the warm dishes of legumes like stewed lentils, we miss them especially.

And it’s a tradition that can continue to be maintained even when you’re living in Holland, and your children ask, What’s for dinner, (because in Holland the main meal is dinner)? and we can answer as in Spain: lentils! if you want to eat them and if you do not leave them!

Lentejas, si quieres las comes, y si no, las dejas.

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