Fartons and horchata from Valencia: sweet drink from Spain

Fartons hortxata horchata farton Valencia valenciana

Fartons, Valencians and not Valencian people best best friends. They are like two peas in a pod.

I remember when I was a child, I loved to go with my grandmother to the “Horchaterias” in summer. We loved to go to Alboraia¸ the village of tiger nuts!! “El Poble de la Horchata”. All valencians Know it!!

Horchata and Fartons

We could find a lot of Horachaterias there but for me, the most especial one was in the middle of the field in Alboraia, almost close to the beach.

Drinking Horchata there with my grandmother viewing all the lands around us and smelling the typical scent from there was one of the most special memories I have from my childhood. I really miss it.

Of course, we couldn’t order Horchata without Fartons. It was unthinkable!! I always order the big glass, because I really love to dip the Horchata with Farton until the farton was so soft. Mmm it was amazing!

Fartons from Spain

I was thinking the Fartons exist since always, but the fartons were invented by the Polo family in the 60s. This family moved to Alboraya, and they saw that the custom was to dip the horchata with “rosquilletas” and cut bread. They had the idea of ​​creating a bun to accompany the horchata and, after many tests, the beginning of what we know today as the Fartons appeared.

When you are far from your place you realize all this kind of things. All those memories come back to you. It is the moment you realize how much do you miss certain things from Spain. Fortunately, I still join this moments in another way but with same essence. Don’t you?

Unfortunately, I can’t find easily Horchata and Fartons in The Netherlands…but when the summer is coming I never miss it on my fridge, because sometimes you can feel like you are back at home just savouring a product from Spain in spite of thousands of kilometres.

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