Diversity in Spain: many different holidays in one country

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People love to go to Spain on holidays. I know a lot of people here in The Netherlands from different nationalities and because they know I’m from Spain, they contact me asking me for their holidays advice. They know they want to go to Spain but where will be the best place to go?

Diversity in Spain

They want my advice but then, I ask them few questions and they get surprised. I ask them, what kind of holidays do you want in Spain? It is completely different if you go with friends, family, couples, with kids…you can choose from many different ways of trips to spain. I ask them things like:

Do you want to go to the sea to relax, to do water sports? Do you want to go to the mountains to ski or to stay in a relax area or doing sports as rafting or riding a horse? do you prefer historical places? castles? modern areas? cities to walk around? museums? Shows? Do you prefer places with high temperatures or something colder? because in Spain we have a lot of diversity. You can go and have completely different holidays depending on the place you are, what you want to do and with who you are going there.

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They need some time to answer because a lot of them doesn’t know we have all this variety in only one country. Spain is big, really big and there are many things to do!

I’m from Spain but I don’t know all the places, so I always recommend the places I know better. The good thing is that I like cities, mountains and sea…so I know few places for each of them. When I start talking about places I remember my past holidays and I really enjoy it! I have anecdotes and fun things to say about places, it makes me think about my next holidays in Spain.

Spanish diversity for holidays

Where will I go? What will I choose next time? I think after the cold winter we had, I will choose to go to the sea… o maybe a place with sea and mountains, because we have it too!

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