Cola Cao from Spain: Spanish cocoa powder

Cola cao Spain Spanish cocoa powder

Cola Cao is the most famous cocoa powder in Spain. You can discover de authentic spanish Cocoa powder and learn all about this incredible product from Spain.

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Cola Cao From Spain

Spanish cocoa powder

Who does not remember the spanish tail song announcement? “Yo soy aquel negrito del africa tropical que cultivando cantaba la cancion del colacao. Cola caaooo cooolaaa caaaoooo”. We fell in love with a perfect marketing that has needed no changes in decades. ColaCao has an irreplaceable place in Spanish homes.

ColaCao is part of our hearts generation after generation. ColaCao tastes like childhood.

There is no Spanish breakfast in which there is no option to drink cola cao instead of a coffee between children and adults. In addition to breakfast the ColaCao is “breakfast and snack iiideaaaal” encouraging the children to drink more milk savoring the taste of cocoa mixed with other aromas.

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Do you like the ColaCao with hot milk, well dissolved or with cold milk and the typical unbounded bubble? Although who does not like the bubbles (grumitos) now there is a variety of colacao that does not make them and even a light colacao.

The cola cao is so ingrained in Spain that even in the Spanish coffee shops they have it in individual envelopes. And it is that few things can comfort so much that a good warm glass of cola cao when it is cold or one does not feel at all well.

In addition, ColaCao is such a complete food that it has been an official sponsor on numerous occasions of the Olympics, associating ColaCao consumption with sport and healthy life.

Cola Cao is an irreplaceable product for other chocolate shakes because they do not taste the same or comfort the same. It is a typical Spanish product and rooted in our daily life

I could not miss the tail between our products because we know that it is especially missed when you are out of Spain.

We said goodbye to make a warm ColaCao that is still cold. Now you can do one of them!

Cola cao is a Spanish product from Galicia. In case you don’t know what Cola Cao is, it is chocolate powder to mix with milk. Delicious! There are many chocolates to drink with milk, but they are not the same. The “Cola Cao fans” love it, and they love the lumps on it… typical on Colacao.

Always when a Spanish group of people meets up here in The Netherlands and start talking about food, and about which products they miss the most, Colacao is on the list! It doesn’t matter if there are kids talking or growns up, Cola cao is a product that we all miss here in The Netherlands.

Now they sell cola cao in many countries, but here in The Netherlands it is not easy to find. People from Spain really miss it and it is one of the things that we bring from Spain when we go there to visit.

When I was small, Cola cao always create advertisement with great jingles. Everyone knew the lyrics and sing it. There were so refreshing and always makes you think about drinking a glass of colacao. For breakfast, after school, after swimming on the swimming pool, been with friends. Always was the perfect moment to have a cold colacao! Also, in winter, close to the fireplace was a great moment to enjoy a colacao.

When I bring Cola Cao from Spain and I give it to my daughter’s Dutch friends, they love it too! It has a particular taste and every time I drink it, it brings my memory to when I was small, and I always sing to them the advertisement I remember from when I was a kid:

“yo soy aquel negrito, del áfrica tropical, que cultivando cantaba la canción del colacao. Es el colacao, desayuno y merienda ideal…”

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