Chorizo from Spain: Spanish Sausage

Chorizo from spain SAUSAGE spanish

Chorizo is the most famous sausage in the world. You can discover de authentic spanish sausage and learn all about this incredible product from Spain.

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Chorizo From Spain

Spanish sausage: Chorizo

Chorizo is the most typical and traditional sausage from Spain and we could even call it “the Spanish sausages king”. Spanish sausage is one of the things that you always have at home in Spain and here in The Netherlands I continue with the tradition. It is a product from Spain that I always have on my kitchen here in The Netherlands ready to use.

There are many chorizos from Spain produced with great quality. Each city and even each house in the rural areas has their own recipe.

It is prepared mainly with pig meat, with spices and been the most important, the paprika (Pimentón), that makes it become with this characteristic red color.

Sausage from Spain

Chorizo taste is so delicious that you can eat it in many different ways. Usually sold ready to eat, can be eaten sliced in a sandwich, grilled, fried. Sometimes is used as a pizza topping, providing the food with a great taste. May be eaten without cooking or added as an ingredient to add flavor to other dishes as fabada, lentils or cocido.

You can find chorizos from Spain with different taste: sweet, spicy and smoked but all of them tasty, delicious!

There are many different chorizos from Spain: Chorizo de Cantimpalo, de Potes, de Pamplona, de Candelario and many others!

I become nostalgic remembering when I was a kid, going to school with a “bocadillo de chorizo” (Spanish Sausage Sandwich) to eat it on the break. That was the typical bocadillo in the schools. You could know that many kids were eating the same as you, because of the strong smell. It is weird if you are a Spanish kid and you had never eaten a spanish sausage Sandwich.

Also, in every kid birthday party, there were the sausage sandwiches, it was a must in every Spanish kids’ birthday party.

Here in The Netherlands, we organize dinner with our Spanish friends and we taste Spanish food and this sausage is always there.

Spain in the Netherlands

We are so attached to Chorizo from Spain, that even the Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque took it with him on his first space travel back in 1998, incredible, isn’t it?

My kids are coming home from school with some friends. I’m going to prepare “bocadillos de chorizo” for everyone. Spanish kids love chorizo but Dutch kids love it too!

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