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We love Spain, Their cousine, Spanish books, food, culture… We love the sea in Spain, all the different things you can do in Spain and love al the products from Spain that you can enjoy wherever you are in the world. The Netherlands has great things but there are things that you can only get from Spain.


We can become homesick when we start talking about dishes from Spain. We want to bring you closer to all those recipes, tips and traditional food stories from Spain. Spain is closer to you. We will show you all souvenirs from Spain and will tell you the history behind them.


Mediterranean food is known worldwide because it is healthy and balanced. We have many traditional foods from Spain. Here in The Netherlands we miss them, we miss some of the recipes and ingredients.


We are known for flamenco, toros, sevillanas but there are many more souvenirs from Spain. We have articles as porrones, botijos, abanicos... Many other souvenirs are related with the food from Spain and spanish culture and tradition.


Talking about Spanish culture can be done for different point of views. From Don Quijote de La Mancha, to Spanish parties and traditions in the different provinces of Spain, History, traditional songs… We love to talk about it and more cultural subjects from Spain.


There are many good brands from Spain. They started in Spain and in few years expand to different countries. Some of them even worldwide. We feel really proud about all the Clothes brands from Spain that did it! We will tell you the story and news about all this brands from Spain to show you that it is possible. You can do it too!


Jamón Serrano, Ibéricos, Nocilla, Cola Cao, Boquerones en vinagre, Aceite de oliva, Turron, anchoas, sidra, cava, Horchata

Products and Souvenirs from Spain

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Spanish Food

It makes my mouth water everytime I think about Paella, Chorizo, Jamón Serrano, horchata, Rioja wine, olive oil...


Souvenirs from Spain

when people think about Spain they think about flamenco, castañuelas, Bullfighting  merchandising, Bota (Leather Wine Bottle)...


Spanish Culture

You know Spain for Flamenco, bullfights and sunshine. But Spain has much more to offer than that and we want to share it with you,

Spanish Culture


Things from Spain that we miss the most: Ensaimadas from Mallorca, Horchata from Valencia, cocido from Madrid, Sidra from Asturias, Sobaos pasiegos from Cantabria , we have many different things to offer from different autonomic comunities from Spain

The best from Spain
Fartons hortxata horchata farton Valencia valenciana

Fartons and horchata from Valencia: sweet drink from Spain

Fartons, Valencians and not Valencian people best best friends. They are like two peas in a pod. I remember when I was a child, I loved to go with my grandmother to the “Horchaterias” in summer. We loved to go to Alboraia¸ the village of tiger nuts!! “El Poble de […]

Calpe visit spain travel touristic valencia

Visit Calpe: a beach paradise close to Valencia

Today we have a sunny day here in The Netherlands. It makes me feel happy! After few weeks without seen the sun and feeling the cold, now with the sun, I can feel I’m most active and full of energy. I’m thinking that soon I will go to Spain, to […]

Porron from Spain spanish

Porron from Spain: Spanish drinking vessel

I remember when I was a kid. Summer at the swimming pool, playing with my friends and outside my parent and their friends, watching us play and enjoying their time…eating some almonds, altramuces, olives and drinking “tinto de verano” and “clarita” from the porron. VISIT OUR SHOP FROM SPAIN I […]

diversity Fly plane hotels apartaments spain spanish trip

Diversity in Spain: many different holidays in one country

People love to go to Spain on holidays. I know a lot of people here in The Netherlands from different nationalities and because they know I’m from Spain, they contact me asking me for their holidays advice. They know they want to go to Spain but where will be the […]

Visit Spain spanish travel fly plane hotels apartaments

Visit Spain: The land of your Dreams

Visit Spain now. What are you waiting for? You can prepare and customize your trip to Spain. Escape from work: Book your flight to Spain now with incredible discounts Now you have direct and cheap flights from Netherlands to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Bilbao, Granada, Canary Islands […]

mistela from spain sweet wine spanish valencia

Mistela from Spain: The sweet wine of Valencia

The summer is getting close and there is a nice drink that comes to my mind… Mistela. This is a sweet wine from Spain (It is used more as a liqueur than as a wine). It is more consumed in Valencia, Tarragona and La Mancha. VISIT OUR SHOP FROM SPAIN It […]

queso spain cheese spanish

Queso from Spain: Spanish Cheese for you

Queso Manchego is one of the most famous cheese in the world. You can discover de authentic spanish chesse and learn all about all types of cheese from Spain: Queso de Burgos, Irdiazabal, Manchego… Visit our Shop from Spain You can buy the real manchego chesse from Spain easy. Now […]

lentejas spain lentils spanish

Lentejas from Spain: The spanish lentils

In all Spanish households, lentejas (lentils) are usually eaten at least one day a week. And it is that when it’s cold, how good is a good dish of lentils? Lentils in Spain can be made with vegetables or with chorizo ​​or with tail and ears. My mother when she […]

Morcilla spain spanish black pudding

Morcilla from Spain: Spanish black pudding

Morcilla is the most famous black pudding in the world. You can discover de authentic spanish black pudding and learn all about this incredible product from Spain. Visit our Shop from Spain It is not really known what the true origin of Morcilla (sausage black pudding) is. What is known […]

Salchichon spain sapanish salami

Salchichon from Spain: Spanish salami

Salchichon is the most famous salami in the world. You can discover de authentic spanish salami and learn all about this incredible product from Spain. Visit our Shop from Spain You can buy the real salchichon from Spain easy. Now Spain is closer to you. The best taste of Spain. […]

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